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Saturday, October 06, 2012

Signs Of Improvement On iOS 6 Maps After Tim Cook's Apology

Shared by Sukesh Kumar

As we know, Apple’s own Tim Cook delivered a groveling apology to the world in an open letter last week, and as well as recommending several other replacements for iOS 6 users for the time being.

Cook’s promise does appear to be offering signs of bearing fruit, and many major errors such as missing roads and points of interest are beginning to be amended. Apple has a large team dedicated to tackling such issues, and naturally, as more people use it and spot these issues, more and more of them will be cleared up, making for a generally more solid app.

Many iOS 6 users have seen snags sorted out promptly after reporting them. For example, one user based in New Zealand – just north of Auckland – noticed Apple had sorted out an issue with an exit to a highway, as demonstrated in the image below:


The same trend appears to have been repeating all over the world, and it seems only a matter of time before iOS maps becomes worth using.

A lot of users are using Bing or Google Maps from the Web, but native is always a better option, and hopefully before long, those on iOS 6 won’t need to look elsewhere to get their fix.

Source- RedmondPie


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