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Friday, October 26, 2012

A New layout for Facebook messages !!

By-Harkirat Singh(Twitter)(Google+)

                                    It seems Facebook just love changes and make it more and more user friendly.Back in August Facebook changed the layout of  messages to give it a look of more or less like an email.The new look makes it even easier to go through all your messages and make changes.Below are the screenshots of the changed look which i got from Facebook news page.I could have taken the screen shot of my Facebook message page but they are personal (:P).

 Interactive Swim wrote:
"A new Facebook messaging platform is on the way! Not fully rolled out, we’re special and part of the early release, so here are some details for you. It allows you message anyone in your life (not just FB users) add multiple pictures and emoticons to your messages, and search specific keywords to find recent convos. Look for it to head your way soon."

The new side-by-side layout lets you click your most recent message on the left to see the whole conversation on the right. You can also bring conversations to life with multiple photos and emoticons. 


Now you can search by a sender’s name or keyword from the main messages view. And for easier navigation, we’ve added keyboard commands. To see the full list of available shortcuts, type Alt Q on a PC or Control Q on a Mac.The announcement was made on Facebook news Page

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