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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Replace Your iPad 3 With An iPad 4 Provided....

By Sukesh Kumar(facebook)(twitter)
Apple just released iPad Next Generation with some significant updates. But its bad for those who recently purchased the iPad Third Generation. Therefore, Apple has decided to provide everyone with a free upgrade to iPad 4(Fourth Generation) provided they bought within the last 30 days.

image credit: Apple

It's quiet comforting for those who bought iPad 3 in the last 30 days but quiet a 'kick on the face' for those who bought it one and a half month before or later. With Apple releasing the new generation iPad within like 8 month of it's previous launch is just not their style. It's not at all how you should go about a product in the market.
With iPad mini out, they could have waited until next Fall to release the next iPad with better upgrades as compared to the one they launched now.
Frankly, I'm very happy with my 3rd gen iPad, but there will be many who will be feeling sick watching their gadget(expensive) getting outdated so quickly.

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(via CNET)

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