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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Facebook offers $1 or Rs 50 Talktime for mobile signups and refferals !

 By- Harkirat Singh(Twitter)(Google+)

                                         Facebook,how many of you haven't heard about this ?? I am sure there will be not many people who haven't and i am also sure about it that you all visit Facebook on daily basis,but the fact is world is changing and people are accessing these site via their cell phones,tablets and other portable devices and even Facebook is well versed of this fact.With over 1 billion members and 600 million people on mobile devices they know these numbers will be rising,and more number of people will be accessing these websites by their smart devices

                                             So,keeping this in mind to increase their mobile users they have launched an offer in India to give away Rs 50 of talktime to every new user who registers via their number.Wait,its not over people who refer this to new users even they will get talktime of worth Rs 50.The offer is only valid when you register through the special link - http://m.facebook.com/tt. 

It appears as the usual registration flow and you do not even require an email address to register this way. Facebook claims to credit the amount in 3 days time. This is an incredible idea by Facebook to increase their mobile subscription but 

Will it work in India ??

In India where sim cards are really cheap,will facebook get their original or authentic customers.Here you can get a sim card of worth Rs 10 and Rs 2 to 3 is the cost of an Gprs pack and in return you get a talktime of worth Rs 50.Profit worth rs 38 or 37 not bad actually and we know how frequently we change our Sim cards hearing new offers launched by different telecom brands.
                             Rs 50 or 100 will not put a dent in Facebook's bank account but still the question remains will it work ??

Do let us know what do you think about it !!

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