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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

iPad Mini Event Live Streaming Now Available On Apple TV

By Harsh Vardhan (Facebook) (Twitter)

So Apple aficionados are all ready today where the Cupertino based giants are unveiling their so called rumoured massive iPad Mini today. Seems bit difficult for all people just to keep reading blogs when Tim Cooks takes over the stage and goes on with his presentation. Although after the event the its uploaded in the Apple website. But does that solve the problem with all the excitement that just dies away.

Apple Tv, i am sure you might have heard lately which was somewhat a "hobby project" for Apple is taking some serious notice in its features. Few days back ATV was streaming live Presidential Elections debates and also iTunes Festival made this device for consumers to look into it.

So ATV has introduced a cool way today to directly watch the Apple event which is at 10:00 am Pacific today check your timezone here. People having the ATV could now simply turn them on and can see a Apple event app popped on their screen, one must be connected to internet. Select the App and enter it toggle to Apple Special Event on your time zone and then you can have the priority to watch the event right from your home live without the hassle of reading the blogs. 

Image Credit: Redmond Pie
However, guys not having the ATV need not to be bothered away as we will be covering the event. Lets see if there will be any measures for Apple.com to directly stream it on their website or incase any alternative means available.

Source: Redmond Pie

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