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Saturday, October 13, 2012

iPhone 4 and 4s prices slashed in india as iphone 5 is set to launch in India !

BY-Harkirat Singh (Twitter)(Google+)

                                    After the release of iphone 5,there was speculation in the market that the prices of iphone 4 and 4s would go down as apple has done it before the launch of iphone 4s.Few days back iphone prices were slashed down where iphone 4(8GB) costed around 28,300 and 4S(16GB) costed around 41,500 but as reported by tech2 their internal sources from apple retail chain suggests that iphone prices are still going down.

                                            The new prices suggested are 26,500 for iphone4 and 38,500 for iphone 4s. So there are new rumors  in the market for a high prices for iphone 5,it may range to 45k for a 16 GB model and around massive 60K for 64GB model.But this is a good chance in India for people who were waiting for price slash of previous generation of apple product after launch of iphone 5.

                                         As we all know there's a huge competition in the smartphone market  so as suggested by sources apple will take aggressive marketing technique to compete with HTC,SAMSUNG,NOKIA and other manufacturers so that the sale of iphone 5  becomes a huge success in India and apple will not leave any stones un-turned to make it big but according to me I don't think price is what really matters for apple fanboys which is not big in India :)

So,What are you waiting for go and Grab your iphone !


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