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Friday, October 19, 2012

A new way of touching your touchscreen "Floating Touch" !

By-Rustam Ali

                    Want to experience touch screen without even touching the screen?
                                 Floating Touch is the feature that allows you to just give a gesture above the screen and the screen will sense it as a touch, this is done by overriding the sensitive  capacitive touch panels now majorly used in smartphones.This feature was initially developed for just some live wallpapers and applications then it was embedded for the whole user interface, Sony Xperia Sola was the first phone to use this feature.

                                                              Photo credits- Google

                         Successful porting of this feature has been carried out on Samsung Galaxy S Plus and Samsung Galaxy SL. So if you too want to try out this feature on your Samsung Galaxy S Plus or Samsung Galaxy SL then just download the application attached below and install in your device.

You can get the application here.

Hackinthus is not aware of any other side-effects, and take no responsibility for this application at all.

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