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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Review : Apple EarPods

After a long time, Apple has redesigned its traditional white earphones that comes with every iPod and iPhone. And it has a name too : Apple Earpods . According to Apple, it took around three years to design such an earphone that fits almost every pair of ear present out there and they may have achieved the impossible. Lets start with the introduction video launched by Apple :

As Jony Ive said "Making one headphone to fit everybody's ear would be like trying to make one pair of shoes to fit everybody's feet". But that's what they have done with EarPods.The goal here isn't to deliver a high-end earphone to compete with Sennheiser or SkullCandy but to make the user feel so satisfied with it that they won't upgrade easily. Compared to the previous earphones by Apple, EarPods are way better in both looks as well as sound. 

Design :
EarPods looks very unique and unusual with its ear-bud kind of design. Its entirely made up of plastic with no rubber coating on it like the previous one. Apple claims the idea is to build the diaphragm out of the two rigid and flexible materials, which reduces sound loss, while giving acoustic vents in the stem of each EarPods to improve bass.  Apple also gives a small carry case for keeping your EarPods safe but you really need to have patience for wrapping your EarPods in it.

Down the right earbud, you will find inline music/call controller with inbuilt microphone(hidden this time) that will work with your iPhone. This time you will also find a button for Siri which enables it on your iPhone and iPad. It is compatible with any device having a 3.5 mm jack.

Ear-Fit & Performance :
The Earpods fits into your ear very comfortably and don't fall out, at-least for me. Apple said that the EarPods still don't fit everyone. Some people out there still have issues with it but for a majority it does. No matter how fast you try spinning your head, it won't fall. So that makes it perfect for sporty purpose like jogging, gym etc.

EarPods sounds good but you can't compare it with any high-end earphones. As I said, they are way better than the previous ones by Apple. Sound travels directly into your ears which gives you a very rich experience and the bass is also pretty awesome. You will not find it waste that's for sure. If you're ready to put some 300-500 bucks more then I will suggest you go for Sennheiser or SkullCandy but they won't be as comfortable as EarPods. I used it continuously for about 4-5 hours and didn't experience any kind of pain in the ears which you usually get with other earphones. Earpods is priced at $29.99 in US and ₹2090 in India. 

Is it worth?
Well if you are planning to buy iPhone 5 or the New Gen iPods then its really good to go with. But if you are buying it separately then..ummmm.. it depends like if you want comfort for your ears, earphones that  won't fall off at every interval, and you are ready to compromise sound quality by like 10% then EarPods is a good investment.

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