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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Facebook shares not being twitted to twitter !!

By Harkirat Singh (Twitter(Google+) 

                                     Hello everyone I really dont know how many of you have taken notice of this but the facebook app for twitter is no longer working.For those who dont know this,It is an app which links your facebook account to twitter and all of your facebook status updates,photos,links,videos etc are shared on twitter as well.In the picture below you can see my personal profile and my facebook page(Hackinthus) have been linked to twitter.

                                      Facebook and twitter are the two social networking giants and connecting them was really great which gave people comfort to access both at one and the at same time but recently there were complaints regarding facebook shares not being twitted on twiiter in the community forum of facebook by Diti mua.
                                   I had taken notice of this on Oct 10th When i saw my page Hackinthus (facebook)shares were not being twitted on twitter .This was the last tweet(as shown in the picture)sent from my page to twitter after this there were no more tweets on twitter by my facebook shares.
                        I think this issue is from the facebook side and they both have been informed by The next web about the issue and they would reply soon to the concerned matter till then keep twitting :)


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