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Lava Launched Xolo X1000 In Goa Teasing "Fastest SmartPhone"

Lava Xolo X1000!!

Katrina Kaif Launches Sony Xperia Z Smartphone And Tablets

Sony Xperia Z

Samsung Galaxy S4 : Event Round Up, Specs, Pricing and Availability

Samsung Galaxy S4.

Nokia Lumia 620 Review

Nokia's most affordable Windows Phone 8 device, Nokia Lumia 620

Install Instagram Unofficially On Blackberry Z10

How To Install Instagram Unofficially On Blackberry Z10 [Video] !!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

"Install Big Games" And Solve The Problem Of "No Memory Available" On Samsung Champ

Low end phones always have very less memory on their device and people who own these phones are not able to enjoy games that require a little bit of more space on the device so that they can enjoy games more than 500 kb .

So here is a little trick that I saw on a blog dhavalthakur which can help you to play higher end games.

Install Big Games
  • Take your Mobile and Go To your Keypad.
  • In Keypad type *#52828378# and hit Call Button.
  • A new Window of Settings will open up.
  • In that window go to the OTA Test Option and open it
  • There Choose Maximum Jar size option and change its digit to 3000 or an other big value (this means that if type 3000,then now your cellphone download size will be of till 3000kb).
After you have inserted your desired memory,Click on Save.

No Memory Available Problem 

  • Take your Mobile and Go To your Keypad.
  • In Keypad type *#52828378# and hit Call Button.
  • Then there choose Memory Test option.
  • There Change the Java Heap Value to 1760.
  • Also Change the Midlet Heap Option to 2000.
Hence You are Done!

So this is a really nice trick provided by dhaval which will help users of Samsung Champ And other low end Samsung Devices

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Access Device's And Computer's Data On A WiFi Network By Your Android Device

Connectivity in present day devices plays a major role, major companies are running research for either new connectivity options or refining the existing options. People use WiFi to be connected to internet wirelessly in a area. If you are connected to a network you can access the data on the other devices connected to the same network by a software.

Procedure to access other devices on WiFi via Astro File Manager :-
  • Open the Astro File Manager User Interface.

  •  Then click on 'Scan Local Network' 

  •  'Work Group' icon will be displayed as shown in the Screen shot above

  •  When you click on the 'Work Group' the devices connected to the network will be displayed

  • Select the device you want to access, if it asks for password then enter the username and password of the system and then you can access it.

Astro file manager is an excellent file manager for android devices, it can be used to access your phones files as well as data on other devices connected to the same WiFi network wirelessly. This software is freely available on Google Play Store so you can easily download it and use it.  

Friday, April 12, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8" & 6.3" Announced

Well, Samsung recently announced Galaxy S 4 and they are back again with two new phablets - Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 and 6.3.
We were expecting something like this from Samsung for quite a time and it was no surprise when they officially announced these huge smartphones.
As the name suggests, Galaxy Mega will be available in two sizes - 5.8"inch & 6.3"inch.

Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8

According to a press release, Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 features an HD display. The reason behind Samsung not making the device Full HD might be that they don't want people to choose this device over their flagship device, Samsung Galaxy S4.

Talking about specs, Galaxy Mega 6.3" will feature a 1.7GHz Dual-core processor running Android 4.2 and an 8 MP camera similar to Galaxy S III. The phone will also offer LTE and HSPA along with two storage options to pick from - 8 GB and 16GB.

Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3

Coming to Galaxy Mega 5.8, it will be carrying low specs with it. Powered by a 1.4 GHz Dual-core processor, Mega 5.8 will feature a qHD (960x540) resolution display with only one storage option to pick - 8GB. The phone will offer HSPA-only and no LTE.

We have no details regarding the pricing of these two devices but they surely won't cost as big as their size.

With size of almost a tablet (7" inch), we are not sure how successful Galaxy Mega will be in this current market. But, Samsung is making sure that users are left with all possible sizes to choose from.

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About Author :
Sukesh Kumar is long time iOS user who currently shifted to Android. He is currently pursuing his Engineering in Bangalore as a computer science student. His love towards his gadgets and experimenting with it's features brought him close towards blogging and writing about technical stuffs. Read More

A Tool To Manage Your Digital Afterlife "Inactive Account Manager"

Did you ever think what would happen to all your files,folder,photos and other digital stuff after you die.What would happen  to your Gmail account, Google Drive documents, Picasa photos, and the other data you have stored with Google ? No right,But there is someone thinking about it and who else would it be except Google.

Google today launched a tool known as "Inactive Account Manager".Google on their blog said "Not a great name, we know — and you’ll find it on your Google Account settings page. You can tell us what to do with your Gmail messages and data from several other Google services if your account becomes inactive for any reason."

An "Inactive Account Manager" can be used to direct Google to pass on data from online venues such as Google Drive, Gmail, YouTube, or social network Google+ to particular people, or be deleted after being dormant for too long.

If you are facing problem on howto do it or setup your Inactive account manager CNET has explained it quite well on their website,Please have a look at it if you need help.

I think soon Facebook,Twitter and other social websites will take this thing seriously and plan an Afterlife of Digital media.

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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Get All Paid iOS Apps For Free Without Jailbreak

After you get your new iPhone the first thing that you do is search for it's Unlocking or Jail-breaking because most of the good apps are Paid on iOS platform.Few days back we taught you how to download Free apps on android without rooting  so this time we thought to tell you about iOS.

I got this tip from one of my friend Nirmal who has been using android for quite a while and has shifted to iOS recently and was about to jailbreak his device when he saw a very unique thing and tried it and by God's grace it was working.

This website named 25PP allows you to download all the paid iOS apps for free without any jailbreak.It's in Chinese so you might face a little problem operating it and I will guide you through the steps so you can use it easily.

First Step:

Go to www.25pp.com

Second Step:

Select the app You want to download and then click on the blue icon to download it.

Third Step : 

Click on the Blue PPassistant(WIN) or the highlighted part as shown in the Picture

Fourth Step:

Install the Software It is like itunes.

Fifth Step:

Download an app and then connect your phone,click on the app to download it on your device.It works in a similar fashion as itunes,But there's a glitch here as it is in Chinese so you will not know where to click.So we have made it simpler by highlighting it and now you can easily download all the paid apps for free.

Right Click on the app,go to the second option and you will see the name of your device click on it and your app will be downloaded on phone !!

I would Again like to thank Nirmal for this useful Tip as it is really usefull.

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Instagraph:A Substitute Of Instagram For WindowsPhone

Windows is no doubt one of the most growing app market but there are quite few apps which are quite famous on android and iOS but are not available on windows,One of them is Instagram.While Windows phone users are still waiting for official Instagram app,Instagraph has tried to fulfill it.

Venetasoft,The Creator of the app has tried to copy the exact same process as followed by instagram.He has also developed Turbo Camera, Security Toolkit, Cam Broadcaster, Motion Cam, Intrusion Alarm and more security-focused programs for Windows Phone.

Right now you can't create an account,You can manage them, but not create them. The only way to create an Instagram account is as a first time user is via their official Android or iOS app. That sets up another hurdle for unofficial Instagram app creators

 The app is only meant to post images to your Instagram account but as of now, is not used for browsing photos. Likewise, if you want to comment or favorite your own photos, it will open a popup Window.

It's too early in the day to say whether this app will work in a manner that users wants it to be and will fulfill their expectations.Still, it’s one to look out for when there Instagram is not listening to Windows Users.

The big Question is will it be able to pass Windows Phone Store Certification ??

Via-Redmondpie Source-Wpcentral

Monday, April 01, 2013

Top Tech Pranks 2013 : April Fool Special

April Fool started with a huge Google announcement of YouTube being shut down and Treasure Mode being implemented on Google Maps. But it seems, Google was not the only one fooling around this Easter Monday. Here are few of the Top Tech pranks : 

1. Google Nose
Google Nose BETA, described as a new "scentsation" in search, can search for various smells including "wet dog", "locker room" and "horse manure" right from your device. ( OMG!)

 2. Instagram For Windows Phones
Windows people played with emotions of so many WP users today with this prank. They put up 'Instagram For Windows Phone' app on WP store this morning. Don't know about others, but Android and iOS users would have surely enjoyed this one. (Hahahaha!!)

3. Nokia Lumia Microwave
Nokia too joined the trolling party with their 5000 watt microwave, which looked much like Lumia 920, with touch-based display. And guess what, they priced it at €399, cheaper than it's Flagship device. And there's a mini-version too for those with smaller appetites. (LOL!)

4. Samsung Smart Eco Tree
Samsung too couldn't control themselves and came up with yet another 'smart' stuff, Samsung Smart Eco Tree. What it does? Well,  it features SMART View, SMART Cooling and something known as FOTA (Fragrance Over-The-Air). 
Accessories available for this mind-blowing smart device includes swings, ladders, tents and tree houses. And this too is available in a 'min-version'. (WTH!)

5. Blue Gmail
Blue backgrounds, blue buttons, blue fonts - thats what Blue Gmail is all about. Blue blue blue

  Hackinthus Best Prank Award '13 goes to  Instagram For Windows Phone.

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About Author :
Sukesh Kumar is long time iOS user who currently shifted to Android. He is currently pursuing his Engineering in Bangalore as a computer science student. His love towards his gadgets and experimenting with it's features brought him close towards blogging and writing about technical stuffs. Read More



Course Notes Beta : Review

There are many developers out there developing apps for user's entertainment purposes, but very few out there who utilize this platform to spread education and one them is Burrow Applications.

Burrow Applications has been developing apps for quiet a time now and all of them are pretty useful. One of their famous app that we reviewed was App Manager For Android.

They are back with something that will surely turn out to be useful for all those who are pursuing graduation. Its called Course Notes. Its right under Beta testing so that they can gather reviews from audience and come up with something they want.

We used this app personally for a while and found it quite useful as we too are pursuing graduation. This app has a very clean and easy-to-use interface with right and left slider similar to Facebook's mobile application.
As soon as you open the app, you will be welcomed with a list of subjects which can be sorted in any order depending on class number, name, last updated and contain subjects varying from Biology,Anthropology,Physiology, Introduction to C,U.S History,Lethal and Ethical Event of Business,Chemistry and many more.

You can then select the subject you have interest in and a right slider will come up which will contain different chapters and presentations that they have arranged from different universities and compiled to deliver what you want at your finger tips.

No need to Google course and books. No need of making accounts on different cloud storage sites to download books. Its that simple and easy.
As soon as you select the chapter you want to study it will be downloaded in left hand slider and then you can open and study it whenever you feel like. Just a small little thing that I would suggest is that they should provide the size of the file that has to be downloaded.

I would suggest all our reader to do try this app and I'm sure you guys will find it really useful.
Google Play Store Link : Course Notes Beta For Android
If you have any queries or suggestions, you can mail it to them on burrowsapps@gmail.com.

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About Author :
Sukesh Kumar is long time iOS user who currently shifted to Android. He is currently pursuing his Engineering in Bangalore as a computer science student. His love towards his gadgets and experimenting with it's features brought him close towards blogging and writing about technical stuffs. Read More



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