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Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Music Player that has a smaller appetite for power!

 By- Rustam Ali
                    Earlier the phones used to have a battery backup of around 2 to 3 days but as the technology developed, cell phones started getting new features which made the battery backup to deteriorate. Among the several features of the cell phones Music Player is the most used feature from the past 20 years, but the problem lies that while using it the battery gets depleted very fast. So it leaves the customer with an option to use music player in an limit so that are left with some power for calling and other important features.

Photo Courtesy-XDA-Developers

                   But now that option also seems to be fading away due to this new music player 'HoloMusic', this music player has an built in ability to customize power settings for longer music experience without a large amount of battery power drainage. So the people willing to use music player for a longer time without compromising with power for other features afterwards must try this application.
This application has the following features-
-Fast scrolling
-Multiple Energy settings
-Play queue for playing an array of songs at once

You can get this application here

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