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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Is it iphone 5s or iphone 6 next year ??Some leaked features !

 BY-Harkirat Singh (Twitter)(Google+)

                                          Not even a month has passed with the release of iphone 5 and ipad mini is on the verge of being released on 23 Oct but people are still crazy about iphone 6.Rumors are there that there will be no Home button and NFC but these are just assumptions. We have seen the type of rumors and assumption that were in the market before the release of iphone 5 and we cannot say everything said was wrong but still we saw so many fake images and features and our expectations were so high that just the longer screen of iphone 5 let us totally down :P
                                             Here are some of the leaked features of iphone 6 that might be true(Hope so)

1) No Home Button
                              First thing that comes in our mind after hearing this is "REALLY" ? Is it possible ,Well we hope so but chances are rare.We know that Apple doesn’t like to change the iPhone’s dimensions,We know that Apple likes to make things thinner, lighter and so there are chances that it might be possible.

                                            (image credit-iphone6newsblog)


                                            This was something  which was expected to happen in iphone 5 but we were let down .A new agreement with an Australian Biosecurity technology company suggests that Apple is beginning to invest in technologies that could make NFC a reality for the iPhone 6.
   (image credit-iphone6newsblog)

                                                                              The verdict is still out on Apple and NFC. For as much as we have seen plenty of NFC-related patents, as well as the inclusion of Passbook on iOS 6 — a first step into NFC — the prospect of converting the iPhone into a user’s primary mode of payment still remains elusive. With the iPhone 5 come and gone, tech enthusiasts are now looking to the iPhone 6 as the next possible iteration that will enable mobile payments.

3)Wireless charger

                            After the release of iphone 5 while interviewing  apple VP Phil Schiller gave an interview to AllThingsD after the recent iPhone unveiling, and spoke directly about why the iPhone 5 didn’t feature wireless charging. Quoting from InRumor:
As for wireless charging, Schiller said that the system could actually complicate things for users.
He explained that a wireless charger would too need to be plugged into an outlet. An USB cable can be plugged to any computer and even be used with aircraft systems.
“Having to create another device you have to plug into the wall is actually, for most situations, more complicated,” he said.
Via -iphone6newsblog

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I don't think they will remove the home button. It a symbol for iPhone and that was the first thing steve jobs wanted.. For every iphone to have 'one-single button'. But you never know what cook has in his mind.

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