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Monday, October 29, 2012

"One Power Guard " An app to save your battery !!

By-Rustam Ali

From the advent of newer smartphones, battery backup has been degrading. For that problem also companies have found out a way by using advanced batteries. But the problem lies here that as the batteries are getting advanced so are the applications, which finally leads to degrading of battery backup.
So in order to overcome this problem XDA developers have developed an application which brings an all-in-one approach to battery life and phone tweaking. You can adjust pretty much anything, including the I/O scheduler, CPU governor, CPU over- or under-clocking, settings tweaks, and more.
There are various modes for power saving included in this application, which are :-

-AI Mode: It intelligently adjusts cpu frequency and optimizes kernel to greatly extend battery time according to system loading.

-Powersave Mode: It runs devices under low frequency to extend standby time.
Game/Video Mode: It provides flow game and video experience while offering satisfactory power-saving strategy.

-Call Mode: It powers up the core function of phone conservation. For business persons trapping by phone.
Standby Mode: It lowers system frequency and prolongs stand-by time to the extreme. For sleepers and dreamers.

-Custom Mode: It indulges pros to customize cpu frequence, scheduling and io adjustment, and to choose parameters of their own.

One Power Guard is simple enough for an Android beginner to understand, yet powerful enough for advanced users.
You can get this application from here.

Source- XDA Developers

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