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Friday, October 12, 2012

Editing a Rainmeter theme as per your need

       By: Rustam Ali

       If you search on internet for desktop customization the top results will be showing you majorly rainmeter skins. You can easily download them and install them. But the problem starts with the links provided in some of the skin or with the weather widget, where the weather details are pre-installed which may not tally with the user's location.

 I will be showing you how to customise these rainmeter skins according to your need. Above is an screenshot of my desktop. I have a rainmeter theme installed.

As you can see in the above slide the weather widget has been highlighted.
It is now showing the weather of  Bangalore, so if you want to indicate the weather of any other place you will have to follow the following instructions.

  1. Go to the weather indicator right click on it and select edit skin. A notepad interface will open with lots of codes written in it.
  2. Browse down till you find "LOCATION". Then open the browser and go to http://www.weather.com/
  3. Type in your area and you will get a 8 digit code which you have to replace in the ("Location=INXX0012) underlined place in the notepad file and then save it.
  4. Then again right click over the weather indicator and click on refresh skin your location will be updated and weather of the new location will be shown.
In a similar manner you can also change the links given in the left side of the rainmeter skin as shown in the slide below.

Procedure for changing the links is given below :-
  1. Right click on the links bar and select edit skin as before.
  2. Again the notepad interface will be displayed. Scroll down to the link that you want to edit. Example: I want to change the YOUTUBE link to HACKINTHUS link.

3.Go to the highlighted part in the above screenshot, change the prefix  "YOUTUBE" to "HACKINTHUS".
4.Then go to the next line of the highlighted part and change the URL from "http://www.youtube.com" to http://www.hackinthus.blogspot.in.
5.Save the note and refresh the skin, your link will be updated and the link is ready for use.

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