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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Customize Your Android Lockscreen

By Rustam Ali

Have you seen the picture password lockscreen of  Microsoft Windows 8?
If you liked it then you will surely want it in your cell phone also!!
There are a lot of security applications being used in present day smartphones, the list includes standard pin lock, grid pattern lock, voice recognition etc. All of these are lockscreen replacements for verifying the authenticity of the user.

Photo Credit- XDA-Developers

Inspired by Microsoft  Windows 8 developers have designed this 'Picture Password Lockscreen'.
This application allows you to set either a custom image or a custom swipe gesture or both if you want to have a high degree of security.And if you have forgotten the password or pattern you can also draw a  You can also test it once before enabling it so that you are not locked out of your own phone.point , line or circle at a specific location in the lockscreen in order to unlock your phone.

You can get this application here.

Source- XDA-Developers

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