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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Before Microsoft could Launch, Halo 4 Leaked on Torrents

By Harsh Vardhan (Facebook) (Twitter)

Image Credit : Forbes

The Gaming industry has lot of buzz recently with the upcoming launch of Halo 4 but it's been reported that 343 copies of such industrial DVD's have already been leaked. Microsoft is trying to get to the bottom of the whole story about how such leak could happen probably before it's official release.

The Above photos shows the leaked image of the DVD already there on some of the websites but the image is not confirmed yet.
Disk 1 contains the campaign and Disk 2 contains Multiplayer installation, Forge, Spartan Ops and Theater Mode.

Well apart from such news the Game is already available on some of the Torrents sites.

After getting news from the source we took a quick search on the Torrent site and found it correct.

As declared by this torrent website Going Online can be dangerous as the Game Official release is on 6th November

Lots of people have already downloaded the game and the game is already played in the Campaign mode without any problem. But to make sure to enjoy the Multiplayer the Gamers have to buy the original disc. However we can't reach for any conclusion about how such possible leak occurred.

If you have played this game or have any views please feel free to comment on this post. So will you wait for the Original copy or you'll get it from Torrents?

Source: Forbes

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