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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Review : Highway Rider

By Sukesh Kumar(facebook)(twitter)

When I first downloaded 'Highway Rider', I thought it will be something like 'Road Rash'. You guys know Road Rash.. Right? 


Anyways, the game is pretty simple, you ride a bike on a straight highway with no turns. In order to score points you have to pass other vehicles really close. You control your bike by tilting your device left and right and you can boost your bike by pressing the boost tank. Your close calls are your score in the game and every time to score your motorbike gets a speed boost. As you proceed, handling the bike becomes tougher.

If you hit something, you fall off from the bike and it shows how many bones you have broken and whats gonna be the estimated medical cost. I personally love this feature as it not only adds fun to the game but also aware user about how rough can accidents get.

In the recent update, you can now unlock characters by earning gas caps. You can also play in 'Fugitive' mode where you will be getting police road blocks in between.
Highway Rider is available for free on both iOS and Android. The game is worth a shot and will surely keep you busy for sometime.


Apple App Store Link : Highway Rider for iOS
Google Play Store Link : Highway Rider for Android

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