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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Install Siri on iOS 6 for A4 devices- iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G

By Harsh Vardhan (Facebook) (Twitter)

Siri was introduced to us with the launch of iPhone 4S way back and since then it had lead a war against the one who had the older devices like iPhone 4. Something like Siri, a personal assistant is what every idevice owner always wanted. So with the people having the iPhone 4 can move forward and get the Siri with lot many of GUI ports available and proxy servers which will help you to experience this incredible features that Apple had offered.

So Jailbreaking was always useful and it will be for the people owning iPhone and iPods.
Well, with recent buzz in launch of iPhone 5 there came iOS 6 which all of us might be prone too. The best thing here is Siri became more intelligent offering to third party applications like Business, Restaurants and Sports. Hmm but what was left in disgrace was the older generation as usual. The older generation A4 devices was left again without Siri in this new iOS 6 with smarter Siri.

So before beginning with how to install Siri on older A4 device like iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 4G, you will require iPhone 4 with iOS 6 along with cydia installed on it. Well incase you don't have it Jailbroken yet you need not to worry just simply follow this post here.
Or even if you don't have the iOS 6 yet installed on your A4 device and wants to know how to do it simply follow our post here.

Image Credit: Redmond Pie

Before starting this process we want you to know something as we believe its completely clear where you can go wrong and what you shouldn't do.

1. Make a complete backup of your device using iTunes as things may go wrong during this process however this process is tested still it would be smart if you just have all your data ready if something goes wrong.

2. As till now the untethered version for iOS 6 is not yet available your device may go number of reboots and so every time your device reboots make sure you use Redsn0w back  to get in the Jailbroken State. If you have any trouble understanding this thing ask us in the comment section. we will surely help you. :)

3. Do this on your own risk, we are not responsible for any problem in your Phone and you will loose your guarantee and making changes in the software voids Apple warranty.

After you are done with the above mentioned criteria we begin with the actual installation process for Siri.

Step 1. As earlier mentioned we need to get access to the required Siri Port on our device and thats very easy. Open up Cydia and head to the section for adding new repository  
Manage > Sources > Edit > Add
In the resulting pop-up box; add the following repo address and confirm the addition:

Image Credit: Redmond Pie

Step 2. It will take some time depending on your network (not much) Just Stay calm!
When the repository has finished reloading its data; search for the SiriPort (original) iOS 6 package and install it to the device through the usual manner.

Image Credit: Redmond Pie
Step 3. When the above mentioned package is installed your device will Reboot. Make sure if you are having untethered version of Jailbreak installed then get back the Jailbreak again before continuing. 
You will now need to, navigate to and find the SiriPort.Ru Original option. Tap on this option and select the Install Certificate to install the require verification certificate to enable communication between the device and the Siri server.

Step 4. After you are done, you have successfully installed Siri now. 
Start using it and enjoy with the amazing features of Siri.

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Source: Redmond Pie


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