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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Better Be Careful Next Time You Purchase An iPad From Walmart

By Sukesh Kumar(facebook)(twitter)

Yes, it's not a joke or something. A Texas teen celebrating her birthday opened an iPad box her mom purchased from Walmart expecting a brand new iPad but instead got stack of notepads in it. Can you even imagine the shock when such things happen with you?

When her mom went back to Walmart to complain, the store manager didn't do any help for them. No exchange, no refund nothing. Later, Walmart stepped up, they decided to give the birthday girl the gift she deserved on her birthday.
According to Walmart, it was some crook who replaced a brand new iPad with a stack of yellow notepads and then made the box look like it was never opened. Walmart says :

"We have reviewed our surveillance video to see if we can find out who is responsible for this and we are sharing that information with local law enforcement in hopes that whoever is behind this is held responsible for their selfish acts."

Check out the news video below :

Source : Gizmodo , KHOU via Daily Mail 

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