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Monday, October 15, 2012

Google's Nexus 7 Exploded While charging

By Sukesh Kumar(facebook)(twitter)

The very first case of Google's Nexus 7 being exploded has been reported. A chinese citizen found his Nexus 7 spontaneously combusted and exploded overnight while charging. 

                                      Image credit : micgadget

The exploded Nexus 7 has already been sent back to ASUS for inspection. It is very likely to be happened by the chemical reaction when the battery overheated. Asus is yet to explain the cause of this combustion. 

                                        Image credit : micgadget 

                                        Image credit : micgadget

Nexus 7 hasn't been officially launched in China, which means this model is imported from Hong-Kong's grey market. 

                                             Image credit : micgadget

                                             Image credit : micgadget

The good thing is ASUS replaced the exploded nexus 7 with a brand new one in three days after they received user's call unlike Apple . A similar case for iPhone 3GS was reported where Apple blamed the customer for not charging her iPhone correctly resulting in explosion. ASUS's after sales service seems to be better than Apple.

We don't know whether the Nexus 7 was rooted or not. But if it was ASUS wouldn't have replaced it for sure. But can rooting(overclocking) be the reason for your device to explode? Please let us know in comments.

Source : Micgadget

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