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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hoax or Real? iPad Mini Prices Leaked

By Harsh Vardhan (Facebook) (Twitter)

iPad mini rumours are creating lot of buzz in the electronic market. Recently the leaked images, date of it's official announcement and its battery images are more tending us to believe something is there up with Apple again. This instinct of inquisitiveness with this device has led us again with a new detail about its rumour about its various pricing out on web.

The first image reveals about the the inventory screen cap from systems used by Media Market / Saturn which is a retail group with 70,000 employees that operates Stores in about 18 European and Asian markets as source by MobileGeeks.

Showing the image projects the rumoured iPad Mini will be available in 8,16,32 & 64GB with Wi-Fi. 
Such images leaks can't really decide about the true fact but it seems the various prices from the System is likely to be like this-

 Apple iPad Mini 8 GB Wi-Fi- 249 Euros
Apple iPad Mini 8 GB Wi-Fi and UMTS-m349 Euros

Apple iPad 16 GB Wi-Fi Mini- 349 Euros
Apple iPad 16 GB Wi-Fi Mini and UMTS- 449 Euros

Apple iPad 32 GB Wi-Fi Mini- 449 Euros
Apple iPad 32 GB Wi-Fi Mini and UMTS- 549 Euros

Apple iPad 64 GB Wi-Fi Mini- 549 euros
Apple iPad 64 GB Wi-Fi Mini and UMTS- 649 Euros

As it's just about few matter of times that Apple will itself release iPad Mini.

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Source: MobileGeeks 


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