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Monday, October 15, 2012

Chat emoticons now supported for Facebook comments !

By-Harkirat Singh(Twitter)(Google+)

                                      Emoticons have been a long time favourite element for expressing your feeling whether it be sad or happy and every chat,forums support this feature and so does Facebook but a new feature has been noticed lately that smileys or emoticons can be seen on comments now.
                                  No doubt Facebook supported emoticons in their chats and messages but now it does on comments on news feed.Facebook has been always testing new things and new features,few days back we reported in the change of notification bar of Facebook but its was on a test basis and now the emoticons support on comments, No doubt Facebook is trying to make it more and more user friendly and its great.

Here you can see the emoticons support on Facebook comments but its still not working on my Facebook page.It will soon as i hope, it takes time to implement a change that to when you are handling over a billion people .

Status updates of Facebook Still don't support this but we can hope for a change soon.You can find the supported emoticons HERE


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