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Friday, October 19, 2012

Google Allows Indian Developers to Sell Paid Apps From Today

By Harsh Vardhan (Facebook) (Twitter)

Google, Internet search giant have finally broken the bounds for the Indian Developers where they can monetize their Apps through the tools offered by Google Play. Earlier Indian Developers can only add their Apps on free basis or they needed to open account in other different countries to Sell their products.

But now that limitation has been removed and Google from today has listed India in their list. Last month also brought happiness for the Indian Developers which was soon shattered as Google on Sept 24, 2012, to be precise added India to their list by mistake but soon they removed it next day.
Such tragedy exist no more as its confirmed today that Indian Developers can now participate in their App contribution and can directly generate revenue to their local bank account.

Also with new features introduced lately the buyers can see the Apps prices in terms of INR. Android devices activated this month have seen a 400% rise this year also Indian Android Customers has downloaded more Apps this year in combined with the last three years before. Such huge rise and demand for Android has made India fourth largest market for App download.

So How Do You Begin, If You A Indian Developer

First create a Developers Profile here and pay $25 with credit/debit card (using Google Checkout).
After this, Android developer from India can sign in to his/her ‘developer console’ and set up a Google Checkout merchant account. If one’s apps are already published as free, one can still monetise those by adding in-app products or subscriptions. New apps can be published as paid ones, in addition to selling in-app products or subscriptions.

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