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Monday, October 22, 2012

Google Event on 29th October 2012- Details Leaked

By Harsh Vardhan (Facebook) (Twitter)

With Apple Event Tomorrow on 23rd October 2012 along with the possible Appearance of iPad Mini, closely followed by Microsoft on 25th October 2012 with Surface Tablets and Windows 8. This Month has been filled with Bigger Technology Giants introducing their New Products with just Glimpse of leaked ideas, images and designs available to our readers.

Google invites on 29th October with Microsoft on Windows 8 kept the buzz alive till end of this month seeking the readers what could be the possible thing here now, with no clue earlier reports of the reveals that the details of launch events are now no more a secret.

According to the Sources Google with be using this date to hold the launch of 32GB variant of their Android powered Nexus 7 tablet also some other information also tells us a second 32GB model exists that will be fully 3G capable, allowing an extension of the Nexus 7′s capabilities.

Image Credit: Redmond Pie
However, also some news claims that a 10-inch Slate is likely to be confirmed by Google in the Event. This tablet as proposed have been worked under the codename "Mantra" but will come with the next operating version of Android 4.2 which will be under Jelly Bean unlike earlier suggested Key Lime Pie. Also this Tablet is believed to have a high pixel density of 2560 x 1600 which will be better than the Apple Ipad.

Google will also unveil LG manufactured Nexus 4 this time. The Event will however look incomplete if the Software features are not gifted with updates to keep Smartphones aficionado happy if they  are not looking to get a new product. But Google goes here again, the Android development team has updated a  new feature that has been given the Content in the Center title will allow Android owners to directly access content on the Play Store from a launcher based widget as well as offering a feature that allows users to switch between user accounts on a device.


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