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Saturday, October 13, 2012

LG Nexus 4 reviewed before its official launch

By Harsh Vardhan (Facebook) (Twitter)

Image Credit: tech.onliner.by

A  Belarusian blog Onliner has today revealed all the specifications of the upcoming model Nexus 4 and reviewed it before it's official announcement. According to their post a prototype of Nexus 4 was provided to the editor to review it. The prototype review was called as "preliminary review" and after reading their post it left us into very less of the imaginations which we had the time rumours was encircling the web  about the new Nexus 4.

To begin with the review given by the onliner.by about Nexus 4 was not very pleasing for the phone as it was filled with lots of trouble and can be hoped it can be fixed in the final version.

Image Credit: tech.onliner.by

This device from Google will be Manufactured by LG and have a rumour that the Marketing of the phone could be done through various manufacturers but for now, one model - LG E960 is confirmed.

Some of its serious highlighted problems was time to time to reboot, unresponsive power button, doesn't charges when connected to PC, reset network Wi-Fi, and was also not able to connect to Computer because of the lack of driver.

Coming to the design the Smartphone if held together was difficult to differentiate from front as everything was kind of same as the Nexus. 

Image Credit: tech.onliner.br

The absence of a touch-sensitive buttons below the screen in place, even "firm" invisible when inactive indicator of system events, hidden under the display.

The editor just measured the size of Nexus 4 and found out its dimensions as 134 × 69,2 × 9,2 mm, weight - 139 g. The backside of Nexus 4 was something impressive as was appreciated as smooth and glossy and was very much scratch resistant.

Image Credit: tech.onliner.by

With 8 Mp Camera on back side, IPS-display instead of HD Super AMOLED and the Screen Resolution was same 720 × 1280 pixels at a diagonal of 4,7. The photos taken by the prototypic Nexus 4 was pretty much decent.
Model LG Nexus 4 is based on a chip Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 (APQ8064) with 2 GB of RAM, quad-core Krait and graphics Adreno 320. The benchmark test however gave poor result and maybe because of its undeveloped softwares and some hardwares needs still revision.

Image Credit: tech.onliner.by

Till it's final release we can't comment much on this phone and will wait for its official announcement.

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Source:  Onliner


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