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Friday, October 19, 2012

"Missing Plug-in" ?? OS X update will not support browsers with java contents !!

By-Harkirat Singh(Twitter)(Google+)

                                                      "Missing Plug-in" Is this the message you are getting when you are trying to run java based website, don't worry there's no fault in your laptop and you are not missing any plugins.It's just that apple has removed  Apple's own Java applet plugin from all browsers.Don't worry Java will work on your operating system,it's just the browsers which will not support java applications.
                                                      After the new update, users trying to run said applets in their browser will receive a notice that the necessary plugin isn't available, and will be directed to Oracle for the proper download.Keeping Java out of your browser removes the risk of hostile applets.

Apple is listening !

First, it stopped shipping OS X with Java pre-installed when OS X Lion (10.7) came out. Lion and Mountain Lion (10.8) include a program stub (/usr/bin/java) that offers to fetch and install Java if ever you try to use it, but it's not installed by default.
                                    Apple on their website have said that this update  is for OS X 10.7 or later.The only downside is that to acquire the needed applet plugin, you have to install Oracle's Java runtime in parallel with Apple's Java.This leaves you with twice as much Java on your Mac

Should i install the new update ??

YES Go ahead it fixes a lot of bugs ..Oracle has published a detailed Risk Matrix, if you aren't convinced to update already.


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