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Friday, October 05, 2012

Now charge your phone in your handbag "Everpurse"

 By Harkirat Singh(facebook)(twitter)
                            Now charge your phone by putting it in the purse! A new cute clutch hides mind-blowing technology in the lining that makes it possible to simply drop your phone in the pocket and watch it charge up. Imagine a world in which you never have to worry about your cell phone running out of charge again.


It’s a Kickstarter project started by married couple Dan and Liz Salcedo. Essentially, you place your phone in a purse, or a purse insert (which is essentially a smaller bag you put inside your main bag), and it charges your phone on the go and it’s entirely wireless.
A battery in the bag charges your phone, and a wireless pad charges the battery in the bag. Using inductive charging you lay the bag right on the pad. It works similarly to the wireless-charging Powermat accessories, but uses the Qi wireless charging standard, which is the same technology in Nokia's new Lumia 820 and 920.
They would continue to make adjustments until they perfected the 'Everpurse', which they put on a crowdfunding platform in early September in the hopes of raising $100,000.

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