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Monday, October 08, 2012

Hands on iPhone 5 - India

By Harsh Vardhan (Facebook) ((Twitter)

iPhone 5 released recently but indian customers may not have hands on it, yet from the iStore and other dealers. But one can get it from grey market for a high price ranging from 60k-65k. However its a huge sum for a smartphone but for the Apple fan the quench of possessing it never dies away.

To see really what this magnificent device from Apple we, the Team Hackinthus visited the store New Mas to get hands on it. As this phone now costs 65k approx for it's buyer its hardly about its price now. The desire to get it before anyone else.

Below is the image of team member and co-owner Sukesh holding iPhone 5.

Image Credit: Harkirat Singh

We'll begin in the traditional manner: how the thing actually feels in the hand. With the iPhone 5 there will be many types of prospective buyer: the upgrader from the 4 (or more-money-than-sense iPhone 4S upgraders), those tired of their Android handset and those taking their first steps in the smartphone market and want to get one of them iThingies their friend/child has.

Well, all of those picking up the iPhone 5 will have the same reaction: this thing is amazingly light. You've probably heard the numbers by now (20 per cent lighter than the predecessor, as well as beating most of the opposition too at 112g.)

It's an odd sensation, but it actually detracts from the experience when you first pick it up. We've praised the weighty feel of the iPhone in the past, lending it a premium feel in the face of toy-like phones, and it's almost disappointing that Apple decided to join that clan.

However, through extended use this problem quickly disappears, as the overall effect of the phone is still a chassis designed for strength, it just sits more anonymously in the pocket.

You'll obviously see the change in height too – the iPhone 5 stands 123.8mm tall to allow for the larger 4-inch screen. In truth, those not familiar with the iPhone 4S probably wouldn't notice the difference, which is why it's a good move from Apple to include the larger screen if it's not going put people off that hate larger phones.

The decision to stick at 4-inches is Apple's admission that while it recognises people are all over the idea of having more screen real estate to play with it doesn't want to move away from the thumb-friendly nature of the device.
Through a mixture of moving the centre of gravity slightly as well as repositioning the screen within the bezel, it's still possible to scroll your thumb mostly around the whole display one-handed, which Apple is clearly keen to keep hold of.

Keep tuned to our blog because soon we will be reviewing this phone in much detail soon.

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Credit: NewMas Store (Official Partner for Hackinthus Phone Reviews)


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