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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Windows 8 ad leaks before its official launch

By Vishesh Shrivastava

                                                                                              Yes you heard it got it right like old times again windows ads have been leaked before its official launch.One can only hope that Microsoft will launch its video advertisement campaign which might blow our minds.Windows 8 is just 2 weeks away but 4 one minute ads are leaked.
ADS Highlighted points:
1.focuses on different aspects of what the new operating system will bring to users .
2. Productivity tools for professional 
3. Shows off the available customization option   
4.Show off the power of additional apps within Windows 8 
 5.A general overview of what Microsoft has bundled into the software.
The Ads not only cover the power of operating system ,it also covers how windows OS can compete with IOS and Android.

4ADS :


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