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Sunday, October 07, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Ace Gets AOKP, ParanoidAndroid, CM10 Kang

By Harsh Vardhan (Facebook(Twitter)

Everyone enjoys a good mash-up every now and then. There are a variety of mash-ups out there, from music to pictures to videos. Pretty much everyone has a favorite mash up. One type of mash up we don’t see very often are ROM mash-ups. Unless you have a Samsung Galaxy Ace.

XDA Recognized Contributor nims11 has gone and combined some old favorites into a new flavor. Many can’t decide on whether to flash AOKP, ParanoidAndroid, or CyanogenMod. Well, nims11 solved that problem by kanging all three in one ROM.

Called PAC (Paranoid, AOKP, CM), the ROM brings the best of Jelly Bean all in one package. Presumably, it has features from all three ROMs. As per the norm, the ROM has bugs but nothing overly major. The camcorder doesn't work, no method of tethering works, and due to Qualcomm not releasing OpenMAX libraries, and HQ video playback probably won't ever work.

Even so, this ROM could be a fun alternative to the usual offerings, and it gives users the chance to see what it would be like if all these ROMs were merged together.

            PAC is combined rom of AOKP , PARANOIDANDROID and CM10


How to set the workspace mode:

How to change an apps Layout and size:


After install rom also install notification-blur fix from attachment to fix blur(glitches) of notification
You can also install camera patch by lagloose from his AOKP but before install it replace audio lib in that patch with this roms audio lib , It can found in lib/hw/


1) HQ video playback (need OpenMAX libraries from Qualcomm, unfortunately, they are not going to release them)
2) Native USB tethering
3) Native Wi-Fi tethering
4) Camcorder
5) Shooting picture from camera (although preview is working)
6) Google Now (Voicesearch)

Fixed notification sound bug . now its loud enough
Fixed CRT-OFF Animation
BLN Fix - need to test as I'm not using this so test and tell whether its work fine or I need to fix it again
notification blur fixed - see attachment
Paranoid 2.17
and latest changes of CM10 , AOKP and PARANOID
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