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Monday, October 01, 2012

Motorola launches Razr i !

By Harkirat Singh(facebook)(twitter) 

                                              Motorola is the biggest of intel's smartphones partners,and has kept quite for a long time but now its over it has launched motorola Razr i and with a similarities to Razr M.
                                               This is a Super AMOLED Advanced display.This display will give you wonderfully deep blacks, but the compromise is whites, which appear a little yellow. It isn't as accomplished as the display in the HTC One X or the iPhone 5, but it performs typically for a mid-range AMOLED display.The highest profile app that has been highlighted is Chrome. Chrome, Google's own browser, isn't compatible with the RAZR i. That's slightly amusing because one of Motorola's boasts on launching the RAZR M.

                                          Intel’s single-core runs the show here and its clock speed tops out at a whopping 2GHz, though what that actually means in terms of performance remains to be seen. Motorola was also quick to play up what the processor means for the device’s camera — specifically, the handset maker noted that the Camera app fire up and be ready to snap a shot in under a second.
                                                  The RAZR i offers touch focusing, as well as relatively speedy continuous autofocus, but lacks the speed of HTC's prefocusing system, which snaps in much faster. Like many others, the RAZR i offers burst shooting. This will rattle off 10 shots in under a second, so you can pick out the one that captures the perfect moment. The Price is yet to be revealed .


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