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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Windows Phone WhatsApp Bug

Windows Phone is undoubtedly becoming famous day by day. Microsoft has provided users with a completely different mobile interface to play with. Well, I recently got my hands on Nokia Lumia 920 and trust me it's freaking awesome!! 

Now, like any normal user I too installed Whatsapp and was pretty impressed with the UI. Then, I thought why not explore the music player on this thing and as soon as I opened it I saw 'paused' button showing up. But Wait!! I never dumped any music on this thing so out of curiosity I tapped on it. Guess What!!?? From nowhere 'Whatsapp popped up'!! Strange!! It seems to happen all the time I tap on that 'paused' button. It seems any undefined space left on Windows phone opens up 'Whatsapp'. Check out the video below.


 Well, Microsoft should resolve this issue as fast as possible because users are not liking it at all.

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Good post.Windows 7 has autorun worm.for more information about this bug i am sharing link Windows7 problem bug autorun

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The Phone System

i am using nokia lumia 720 i am not able to share music on whatssup please help me that how can i share music on whatssup

That is a problem with "Windows Phone", Whats app cannot access private data in windows phone and music is one of those private make it worse, music library is not open sourced to developers and so only Microsoft can solve this problem.

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