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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Give your iPhone a tint of Blackberry

Most cell phone users are not so fond of touch, that is they find typing on a physical keyboard much comfortable than on a virtual touch keyboard. Blackberry is mostly known for its comfortable QWERTY keyboard and its Business supported features but iPhone is known for its unique iOS, features and amazing applications. So sometimes it really becomes very tough for people to decide which phone to use. A solution for this problem has been shown in the CES 2013. 
What if you get an iPhone with an QWERTY physical keypad??

Photo credits-CNET

Yes it is possible, the 'Spike physical keyboard' developed by SoloMatrix will make it possible. Spike, is a protective case that has a hinged physical QWERTY keyboard, which can be overlaid on an iPhone's display. This device does not even touch the screen, this keyboard uses a printed circuit board to simulate a key strokes without physically needing to touch the screen. Spike is compatible with iPhone 4/4S/5 and is now even available in market. 



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