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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Airtel Hikes Up 2G Data Rates, Others To Follow

India's biggest mobile phone company, Bharti Airtel, has hiked up 2G rates last week & its competitors, Vodafone & Idea are expected to do the same.
The company that has been cutting down on freebies to their customers has increased the price of its 1GB & 2GB data plan by 25%, and 2G users now have to pay Rs.125 for 1GB of data instead of Rs.100.

The CEO of one of India's biggest mobile phone companies claimed that 2G data constitutes around 3-4% of operators' revenues.

Telecom analysts at Ovum believe the hike in 2G data tariffs is not surprising at all. Shiv Putcha, Ovum's principal telecoms analyst said
"The mobile phone companies have already hit rock bottom and further decreases were simply unsustainable. 2G data is booming relative to 3G, largely due to the prevailing low tariffs but also the large pool of feature phones out there. This will change over time as entry-level smartphones start getting traction," 
He added saying that he don't see any rise in 3G tariffs in the coming future.

"I don't expect increases in 3G data rates in the near term although this will largely depend on what happens with LTE pricing once Reliance comes online,"
(via TOI

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