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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Apple working on cheaper iPhones ,God be it true !!

Is it true apple is working on cheaper iPhone?? God be it true then i can get one for myself too. Apple always loses it's market particularly in India due to high prices of iPhones. With it's latest iPhone,the price was as high as 44K,People in India think they can get a decent laptop or a two wheeler at that price and that's a little more when brands like Samsung and HTC are offering more features in lesser price but their are still Apple fan boys in India for whom price is not a concern.

As far as I am concerned, I think this step is taken basically to compete with Samsung and other brands which are offering smartphones at a little less price.They have created a immense pressure on Apple by capturing a larger percentage of smartphone market and Google's android  have given them a new heights.

Why will these phones be cheaper ?

Apple's rumored less-expensive smartphone would look much like iPhone 5, but would be built from more affordable polycarbonate plastic instead of the slick anodized aluminum of the iPhone 5. It would also likely sport the aging guts of an iPhone 4S, much like the iPad mini uses spare parts from the iPad 2.

But I still don't understand why make iPhone 5 of cheaper material when it will be stop it's production in a year or so to make way for iPhone 5s or 6 or whatever Apple thinks of.

What do you think about this ? Do let us know !

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