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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Remotely Control Your Android Phone Via SMS -By aeGis

We need security for our houses, cars, shops and various other precious items but do we really need smartphone security these days? The answer is straight forward yes due to the expensive phones we possess. Now looking for the Software vendors no doubt they charge monthly/annually for very few but important features which comes with them.

Lot of people are not in the habit of buying softwares'  either waiting for the App to go free or just download the file from internet. So how does one protect his phone. Recently a Xda recognized developer has introduced a free and easy way to give your phone a reliable protection against theft. 

This App for Android called as "aeGis" this application provides features such as  ability to remotely lock your device via SMS, ability to remotely enable sound on your device via SMS, ability to remotely locate your device via SMS, ability to remotely wipe your device via SMS & ability to lock application with a password.

This is pretty handy feature which we are looking whenever any software claims as protection against theft.

All you have to do is to, If your phone ever goes missing or is stolen, simply text the passphrase you chose to your device to activate any of the four options. aeGis will alert you if the action has been successfully completed.

You can download it from "Google Play". 

Please see it supports android device > API 14(Ice Cream Sandwhich)

Please let us know about your experience with this App in the comment section.

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