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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Pakistan Could Have Seen Glimpse Of YouTube Today For Three Minutes!

Could you imagine yourself of being restricted on using Google owned video sharing website YouTube. Well this may be the case you might have heard before with Pakistan. This happened way back in September when an anti-Islam film, innocence of Muslims appeared on the website. This film created a huge spark creating the Muslim country to enter various riots creating national disturbance, ultimately the Govt. banned the website from being accessed in Pakistan.

However, people from Pakistan could have enjoyed a three minutes glimpse of YouTube after that the website was taken down again and blocked. 

Why did the officials just lifted the ban for three minutes. No doubt we have the inquisitiveness of knowing why did that happen. Reason does not lie that the officials just wanted to play on/off game but rather they thought that the anti-Islam film could have been removed. 

Pakistan interior minister Rehman Malik  wanted always to remove this ban as YouTube is at the same time a huge resource for education, entertainment and news. Finally he tweeted today stating people " Hope you are all happy now ".

Sooner the ban was lifted and maybe some people from Pakistan might have caught the glimpse of famous video "Gangam Style" but it was reported by private news Network Geo that the film still existed on the website. Finally  Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf, knowing that the material still existed put back the ban on YouTube again. 

This is not the first time Pakistan has done this with YouTube. The site was blocked in 2008 after cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad outraged many Muslims. It was blocked again in 2010 over "blasphemous" material. The country has also gone after Twitter and Facebook on similar charges.

You may still be amazed that how such Social Networking Sites could provoke people in mass so much but reports have said it does exist and Govt. have no option rather than blocking people to access it. 

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