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Monday, January 14, 2013

How To Hide A Drive In Windows !!

Hiding things and sending secret messages is not a Practice of this era.It has been in our civilization from the evolution of human kind,but this era is a little different and need HI-TECH methods to keep their Data secure and hidden.

You might be accustomed with normal procedure of hiding a file or folder with normal hide and show hidden file procedures but how about hiding the whole drive ?? Confused,No need to be,this is possible with simple registry hacking technique and a simple software called NoDevicesmanager .Not only this you can even hide DVD and CD drives .

Here's a screen shot of the application,you can see the names of multiple drives named A: to Z:,just check the drive you want to hide and click on save changes,You can also set a password to the application so that there is no Unauthorised usage.

This is a very important tool for people who don't posses a Hard Disk.They can easily create a small partition in the windows and hide their secret Photos,Videos,important Documents etc,and no one will ever know !!

Note- You have to restart windows explorer or even your system for this change to take place !!

You can see my C: D: and G:
The selected Drives are hidden
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