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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Facebook Announced It's Own Search Engine

At Facebook's much awaited event, the company's CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduced Graph Search, a fresh social search engine which will compete with existing ones.
Unlike others, Graph Search does not index the web: as Facebook says, it quite simply does not need to, since the Open Graph platform already has access to “Almost a million new people every day. 240 billion photos. 1 billion people. 1 trillion connections.” Instead of using familiar search engine to look for result, Graph Search makes it really easy to search through your friend’s interests, in order to provide results that might be expecting.

Lets take an example, if you search for "Movies", it will get you list of those movies that most of your friends have 'liked' on Facebook.

Graph Search also works the other way around, means finding users in your friends list that match a specific interest. Like, you can search for "Friends who like Assassin's Creed".

And not to worry about privacy at all : no information can be searched unless you make it available to users.In addition to it, new privacy settings have been introduced in case users wish to hide any of their data from being searched. 

Incase Graph Search doesn't show up any results, Bing is integrated to show web results.

Beta version of Graph Search is currently being rolled out only to a small set of users running Facebook in US English. However, Facebook is inviting those who are interested to join the waiting list at: facebook.com/graphsearch.

(Via Redmondpie)

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