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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Jailbreaking Legend Pod2g Releases His First App PodDJ Available For iPad

Do you really believe in unchaining your iOS devices, then i am pretty sure you must have come across the name  Pod2G, the "Jailbreak Legend". While limiting his creativity in releasing iOS's jailbreak he has lifted his domain to iPad App Section. Whenever, an app which is going to get released by some famous developer it creates a sense of excitement among users to find out how good that app can be and this time the app just landed on iPad store by none other than famous Pod2G.

The App called "PodDj" is simply for music lovers for mixing songs using their iPad. There may be various Mixing and DJ apps on the i Store even some may have done it pretty decently adding various functionality while some have just wasted the whole meaning or mixing providing great UI. Pod2G have crafted this app very beautifully and  used most pixel of Retina display providing complete functionality required for mixing and DJ.

The motive of this app is not to just provide mixing music but also enjoy it while creating the various diverse of it. This may be debut from the hacker Pod2g in the app section for iPad but he has done it very nicely. A number of features have been included in the app such as transform buttons that are particularly useful for advanced mixing and scratching as well as beats-per-minute detection capabilities.

In the beginning, podDJ will set back users just $5.99 if bought on January 12th or 13th, after which the price will climb to $7.99 till the end of January. The price after that would be $9.99, therefore it’s a good idea to grab your copy now before the price goes up.


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