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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

CES '13 : Firefox OS Appears On An Unknown Smartphone

Firefox OS was out for users to experience it on an 'unknown' smartphone. 

image credit - Engadget

After having a look at the OS, one will definitely say that there is nothing new Mozilla has done with the user interface. I mean when Windows Phone was out, people were really excited about it's UI being different from usual smartphones.. Right??
And talking about the device on which it was running, totally resembled HTC Wildfire. Device was powered by an ARMv6 processor and had 256 MB of RAM. Quiet low!! Mozilla is planning to take on the top-end of the market with this OS.

image credit - Engadget

Getting into the OS, its a web-based firmware coded entirely in HTML 5 and is gonna attract those who want a really powerful smartphone with hardcore OS but don't have budget for an iPhone 5 or GS III.
Mozilla is already in partnership with leading companies such as Qualcomm and Telefonica.


image credit - Engadget

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(Source Engadget Via Redmondpie)

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