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Monday, January 14, 2013

Facebook Ready To Release Messenger App For iPad In The Upcoming Tuesday Event

'Facebook Messenger' has proven to be really useful for quick Facebook messaging. The only platform where this messenger is lacking its availability is Apple's iPad.

But it seems they are going to fill this gap in the upcoming Tuesday event where rumors are that Facebook might be announcing a Facebook branded smartphone or a dedicated Facebook OS to run on specified smartphones. If its true, then Messenger app for iPad will be like " introducing Earpods in an iPhone Event". Anyways, it will be a fair addition to the Facebook app lineup. Reports also suggest that Facebook could also include the ability to record and send voice messages as part of the functionality in the Messenger App.

Well, just tune into Hackinthus as we will be covering the Facebook Event right here!!

(via TechCrunch)

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Thanks for helping me on this issue I was searching for some App for my android for making voice call and messaging free. I was using Facebook messager but was not aware of its update. After searching on many sites finally I got the clear description here. I visited on other site where they had explained about this topic, but was not too clear and I had to move for other site. And now see, I got everything clear from you by picking every fact & simple steps for updation. Will come back to you soon for more updations, Keep updating.

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