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Saturday, January 05, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Camera,Is it worth it ?

The days are not far when microwave ovens and refrigerators will work on android . With the recent developments in android,it has given it a wider ability to be implemented on Devices other than Mobile devices,Samsung has very smartly exploited its potential by launching Samsung Galaxy Camera.

Samsung has already been producing dedicated cameras and smartphones so it was quite smart of Samsung to merge both the awesome features.It is a first of it's kind, All the imaging, sharing, video and photo editing prowess of Android and Samsung’s TouchWiz software were present, put behind a real dedicated camera with a 16-megapixel sensor, 21X optical zoom and optical image stabilization. 

Not only this as it works on Android 4.1.1 you can use it as an android device and download apps,play games and much more,you just can't make calls. :P

I can give a in-depth review about the device but i am sure you don't want to go into technical specification details so i would make some points which will make you comfortable  to and easy to understand whether you should go for this device or not.

What's Good                                                                                         

  • A very awesome and attractive design.                               
  • 21-X Zoom and optical stabilization
  • All features of Galaxy S3
  • Android support with Recent updates of 4.1.2 which makes it more than a just a camera
  • 16 megapixel 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor .
  • Excellent Macro and video performance
  • Responsive touch sreen makes it easy to use
What's bad
  • Over priced 
  • A little Over sized
  • Photo quality at the price you pay is not up to mark
  • Bad response at low light 
  • Battery life is not that good

It might not be the best camera available in the market but its real fun to use this device and it's a treat for tech enthusiast.Image quality is also good,better compared to high end phones and can be compared to some of the trending cameras in the market.People may not mind a little shortcoming on the photo quality because of its sharing abilities and compactness compared to DSLRs and CSCs.

If you love clicking photos and share it on the go, This device is made for you and should definitely go for this device.


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