Hackinthus At The #originalcopy In Association With Indiblogger,HP and Harper collins !! ~ Hackinthus

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hackinthus At The #originalcopy In Association With Indiblogger,HP and Harper collins !!

Yet another awesome meet by indiblogger in association with HP,I have to say it was quite better than the last meet #NokiaAppTasting for a simple reason that we had ample amount of time for interaction with fellow bloggers than the last one which was a Nokia meet rather than a bloggers meet though it was not as fancy as Nokia's meet.

As the name suggests #originalcopy,the main agenda of this meet was to encourage people to buy original Hp printer cartridges rather than getting it refilled.It was quite well explained by a member of HP saying when you pay for an original you get quality and guarantee,that's quite true whether be it shoes or merchandise.

Panoramic view of the meet at Park JP Celestial
The meet started 2:30 what the hell,we kept on waiting for an hour or so and Anoop took no hesitation on putting the blame on us saying your fellow bloggers were late and so we started late,God help that guy :P.

But no soon it started it was Fun for me atleast the first thing which Anoop says "Any Guy with a Turban" and I win a HP 8GB pen drive.There are benefits of being a sardar sometimes :P.

After this we were told to switch tables and not to sit with people we were sitting with and move  to a black table if we were on white and vice-versa,this was actually a good idea to meet the people you never met we were then asked to say hi to the bloggers sitting next to you and then began a long session of introduction and the best intro would get a HP printer and yeah not to forget you had mimic your favorite character and even this time I was not called :(.

Then we had too many fun events like mime,photoshoot,debate and a unique competition where you were given a White sheet with a QR code,you had to scan it look,for the code written and you had to carry it on your back to find people who had other codes which completes your sentence.

                                                        White sheet with the QR code

I even made some friends with whom I participated in the Photo shoot comp and din't win anything.The photo had a very deep meaning for one to understand.I hope you all know the three monkeys of Gandhi,the fourth monkey depicts "STOP RAPE".

Then we had a little snacks some fun and returned home.I have a lot to talk about but let's keep it short and wind up.

Overall the event was a great success and had a very important message which was said in one of the Tweets pointed by Anoop."Plagiarism to us is Forfeit to them".

So never go for a refill of cartridges because it may ruin your Printer and may coz you more money which you were trying to save.Always buy Original HP Cartridges .


It was indeed a great meet and Anoop was generous to many that day. Great recap.

Awww... i like that pic of the all of us!!!

Very nice and crisp bro. It was great to meet you, Saro and Sujatha. Had loads of fun. :)

@Indrani Thanks !!

@saro Yeah it came out really well

@akshay Thanks man !! :)

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