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Thursday, January 03, 2013

Customize Any Samsung Android Device Boot Logo With Any Animation

Customization is very important these days and all it lies whether you can do it or you can't. Android users enjoy majority control over their phone compared to iOS users. It is however appropriate that the manufacturers limits the phone control over the cost the customer may damage it but careful handling doesn't cost anything much. Where the customer is the owner of his device he should have majority control over his phone.

Android is boon for those who don't want much headaches while freeing their devices. With simple rooting techniques, making their device suitable for any work not provided by the manufacturer is quiet easy stuff.

With device made free to you and your mind popping in every direction you think possible with your device comes an option of changing boot logo. I know its difficult to imagine people wanting to change their boot logo but customization freaks may want anything. With this option one of the Xda developer has found a way to change boot logo of your android phone with the image you want.

The developer has tested this with Note II and claims it to be working with any ROM and any Kernel and probably any Samsung device.

Image Credit: Redmond Pie

Please note that you will require Rooted Samsung Phone only then you will be able to install custom logo on boot. Follow the steps right below:-

Step 1: Using a root-level file explorer on your Android, mount the system as read-write and navigate to /system partition.

Step 2: Copy the file that you wish to use at this location in your device:


Step 3: Now, put the hack ZIP file at the root of your device’s internal memory, reboot into recovery and flash the ZIP file (which will invoke the updater script in turn and enable the boot animation).

Step 4: Reboot the device. You should now see the new boot animation that you placed in system/media partition, as opposed to whatever you had earlier

Attached Files:-

Source:- xda-developers

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