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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

CES '13 : Combination of battery and Bluetooth 'Tethercell'

Till now CES 2013 has come up with a lot of surprises, and one of them is the 'Tethercell'. This prototype has been developed by the company Tetherboards and they are planning to mass produce it.
Photo Credits-CNET

Now talking about this device, it has been made by combining the concept of a simple dry cell battery and a Bluetooth  As you can see in the picture above it is of the same size as of a AA type battery, but it contains a AAA battery with the Bluetooth chip attached to it. As we know that in this technological era all things around us run on electricity and among which maximum percent of portable devices uses batteries for power. Now with this new device you can control the switching On/Off of any device using AA batteries just by using your cell phone, you can even put a timer as to for how much time the battery should power the device, which will be energy also. This device can also inform you that how much more power is left in the batteries so that people can keep track of changing batteries of crucial devices such as fire alarm system and various other security systems.
Apart from the advantages it also has some minor disadvantages. Such as the bluetooth chip consumes some of the power continuously from the battery but when used in combination of many batteries this disadvantage fades out. As this device is still in its development stage, these things can be ignored and we can expect that in future this concept will also be applied in all other types of battery and will bring a revolution in powering technology.


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