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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Dropbox Finally Appeared Officially For Windows 8/RT Users

Windows 8 is doing pretty fine in market and overall response from the users is decent. It's no doubt Windows has first time changed the entire look from it pre-windows family. Recently, today a good news have come up when the official app for Dropbox appeared in the app list. Rather, it took loot of time for Dropbox to pass through various approval but finally it had made it's way.

Although there is Skydrive already present to compete against Dropbox but maybe the time Skydrive made it appearances  Dropbox had already gained huge users and fans. Ultimately its about convenience and both the applications are doing very well and now after Windows 8/RT release, the app has soothed many users who had upgraded to Windows 8/RT.

The app is excellent for Windows 8/RT and all it's features are included which is very smooth and users can access to all their data's available on their account easily. 

So Windows 8/RT users download from the Windows store.

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