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Monday, January 14, 2013

Auto Sms Replier Allows Android Users To Send Auto-Reply Messages When Busy

A lot of time we are away from our phone or maybe in meeting or not in a situation to respond to calls or messages. It happens almost every day with us for example when we return from gym we check our phone and see sometimes huge list of missed calls and text which we haven't answered. So there can be glitch to inform each the reason for not replying. This could be made easy from a recent app in Android "SmsReplier"  

This app is having a great UI which helps users to auto reply to any SMS or Missed calls. Simply the app layout is having various option when switched on will run in the background and will start it's action. So now whenever we recieve any message or any call is missed "SmsReplier" comes in action and sends a message. Whenever the user checks his phone the notification tray is filled with the Sent messages to the sender so it wont be any hassle to check whom all the message has been sent.

This is app is pretty handy and often comes in use to them who are too much involved in communications with many at a time, so does not need to repeatedly repeat again and again send different persons. 

Just simply type in any default message so next time whenever you are busy you don't need to boather about as this app will perform it's duties very well.

Get this app Sms Replier on the play store.

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