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Monday, January 14, 2013

"Last Message" For Android Users Alerts Your Important Contacts When Your Device’s Battery Is At A Critical Level [VIDEO]

Battery is one of the major glitch in today's era where the smartphone vendors aren't able to fix it despite of so many development in battery sector. Let it be the highly expensive or budgetary phone you possess, we are struck with one thing - battery! Yes, while we use more of our phone capabilities batteries are sucked more sooner and it's always we require more.

Sometimes we are not too close to any power source to charge it immediately after the battery is dead and we always require that one extra minute to inform our friends or family or someone whom we are in chat or text. It's not only we require informing someone when we are in middle of any conversation but also when we are away from power often our loved ones get worried. As smartphone is the only way to know if everything is all-right. 

Now this is very decent app called "Last Message" which is solution to all such informing problem whenever our phone switches off and we don't even get any chance to inform. We often require that while in middle of any conversation and our phone loses it's power and such conditions makes the whole scenario appear like as we are rude not to reply. 'Last Message' can come here as rescue.

This app is very handy and it includes sharing whatever we wanted during low battery situation as a message,twitter or Facebook. We can customize when do we want this message to be sent by setting the battery at a level. It may look funny sometimes that do we really need to ping someone if we are running low on battery! Yes, give a thought as a close one near you like your parents will always want to know why your phone is switched off. So on receiving this message they can be relaxed that nothing is wrong to get worried it's just a low battery.

Check out this video will explain you more precisely what this app can do. The UI is awesome and this app is available for android running 2.2 or above.

Check this Last Message on the play store.


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