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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Top Tips To Use S Pen In Note II

By Harsh Vardhan (Facebook) (Twitter)

Soon after the launch of Note II, people have started noticing about this Semi Tablet phone. Samsung's Note II comes in with a better S Pen compared to Note I. People have already started preferring this device over when it comes to any other expensive Smart Phone such as iPhone or HTC 8X. Today mostly we are concerning about the S Pen provided with Note II.

Note comes with an built in productive App called S Note and S Planner, Air View lets you see information quickly without even touching the device Screen!

The Note II is very clever indeed, allowing you to know when the S Pen is hovering just above its amazing HD Super Amoled Display providing features such as accessing contact information, browse pictures and even let you preview messages and emails without having to actually going through the folders and sub folders, menus, etc.

Just hold the rubber tip of the S Pen a few millimeters above notes, contact and photos to make them start working and trust me it's guaranteed to save your time everyday.

Now lets start talking something useful as till now we are only saying its useful its fast and it's saves time but how? Coming to the command performance, if you find your way around your Galaxy Note II using only the traditional menus, you're not making full use of it's potential. Trust me! it's far better.

Quick command lets you draw gestures with your S Pen, enabling you to jump straight to the app or feature you need. To use Quick command, press the S Pen button drag it up the screen and see the magic happen!
It is not only limited to certain command as a surprise i found it you can even make your own command set to certain action so that it turns more time saving for the actions you want.

To get started just tap the setting button and choose 'Add a command'. A popup will appear, allowing you to choose the application or function you want to create a Quick command for. Then all you need to do is draw a new gesture with your S Pen. Tap 'Done' and next time you launch Quick command, your brand new command will be good to go! Smart enough indeed!

The most interesting feature i found using S Pen was cutting a portion. If you're browsing a web on your Note II and find a great idea, you can grab it and save it the portion you require using Easy clip. Simply hold down the S Pen button and draw a line as you wish around the portion you want to capture. It doesn't t even matter what shape you draw- the S Pen will create a clipping path and send whatsoever inside it to your Screen Shot folder.

Moving to the next part you might have come across the situation while on call when you needed to take something down. With Note II you have nothing to trouble yourself looking for a paper and a pen. As sooner you remove the S Pen from it's holder, Pop up note will fire into life, so you can write down whatever you need. Directly you have the feature of saving it or even sharing it straight from there to anyone you wish. Saves time and this is pretty decent thing.

One of the creative feature and very interesting feature i came across was Memories Stick. You must be having memories regarding yourself making notes back of your old pictures so that you just wrote down where you took the picture or the guy in the bad dress or the special occasion. However due to everyone taking lot of pictures and having a image just on our computer the memories we did those time seems to be faded away. But thanks to the feature of Note II, Photo Note allows you to flip your photos over on screen, then write on the back, just like you would be in real life.

The S Pen is great for drawing, but what if you can't draw? That not a problem at all if you have the Note II, when you use the S Pen with the idea of sketch function. It helps you to visualize the ideas and make engaging presentations by automatically adding illustrations to your hand-written notes.

Did you know you can even write flawlessly with the S Pen. It can works as near to the traditional pen can work. You can jolt down any idea or information as smooth as you write on the paper. Even you can circle important information, underline things, make quick annotations and even cross things out., making the Note II the most natural writing experience you can have on the smart phone.

Overall the S Pen is an interesting object we have ever seen on the Smart Phone. In-case you are going to get a high end Smart Phone in the near future, Note II it is!

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